Our Philosophy

Combining the art of Law…with the laws of Science.

The professionals who comprise Westlake Trial Consulting have advanced degrees in various sciences, including psychology and engineering.  All of the professionals working in Westlake Trial Consulting were trained in the scientist-practitioner model, which means we use scientific knowledge and techniques to address real world problems.

The professionals comprising Westlake Trial Consulting are not licensed attorneys. We do not practice law and we do not offer legal advice or legal opinions.  We do not duplicate the training, education, and expertise of the attorneys we work with. Rather, we bring unique non-legal but creative and practical solutions to every case we work on.

We are constantly updating our knowledge about how to be creative and helpful on a case by case basis. In every case, we scour the scientific research to identify problems and pitfalls that might be associated with your case. We use the scientific research to guide you and help you avoid these problems and pitfalls.  We can even conduct research on your case and provide you with a scientific analysis of your evidence, witnesses, arguments and exhibits. 

Westlake Trial Consulting…using sceince, virtue and ethics to help you win.

Because of our dedication to the scientific method, we are dedicated to the truth. We will never use our knowledge and skills in an inappropriate manner.  We conduct our work with a high level of integrity so that at the end of the day, we can look at our work and know that it was a professional effort, built upon our ethics and virtues.

This is our approach. It works for us. It will work for you, too.