Westlake Trial Consulting winner of Texas Lawyer Texas' Best 2015 for Best Trial Consulting Firm in Austin


To My Fellow Trial Attorneys: I am writing to recommend Matt Ferrara and Westlake Trial Consulting. Over the last 25 years I have worked with several jury consultants with mixed results. I have always been skeptical about the value of such services. Matt's approach was superior to anything I've used before and he did it economically. I'm sold on his methodology. I recently had the pleasure of working with Matt and his team on a complex legal malpractice case, which resulted in a substantial seven figure award. The case had a lot of difficult jury factors-like a wealthy, foreign plaintiff. The two focus group studies he conducted were a valuable part of our trial preparation. Matt was also readily available to help during trial with witness preparation and provided valuable insight and recommendations for presenting the case. Matt is a tremendous asset to a trial team and I recommend him without reservation. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact me. –Don Taylor, Taylor and Dunham

“I’ve known Dr. Ferrara for many years, initially as an expert witness who the State and Defense would both race to attempt to sign up first, as he is the most credible and impressive witness one could have.  After expanding his practice recently, Dr. Ferrara assisted me with a Felony trial in which he engaged multiple focus groups to assist in both jury selection and in formulating the most effective way to frame themes and issues during trial.  Backed by the most up to date jury research available, Dr. Ferrara’s insights and direction helped us not only win that trial, but quite literally changed the way we try cases.  I cannot think of another individual I’d rather have next to me while preparing and trying a case.” –Brian Roark, Botsford & Roark

I used Westlake Trial Consulting recently on a case.  I had never engaged a  trial consulting firm before this experience.  A whole new facet was added to my ability to plan for a jury trial which I had never realized was available.  The good people at Westlake Trial Consulting helped me see the voir dire process in a new way and assisted us in determining a set of parameters for picking a jury and then in assessing how the trial may proceed based on the jury selected.  I have no doubt in my mind that had it not been for the hard work of Dr. Ferrara, Chey Hollowell and he rest of the staff that we would not have been nearly as successful in effecting the outcome we did. The good people at Westlake Trial Consulting are hardworking dedicated professionals who I will use in my future trial endeavors. –Guillermo Ochoa-Cronfel, The Cronfel Firm